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日 常 美 學    經 典 詮 釋

Crafting Classics from Daily Goods


City Color

TAGather Goods’ design derived from the elements

in our daily surroundings.Bold color palette echoing

landscape and city images enable every individual

to express his/her own lifestyle.


One Piece Fits All

We understand that your tight schedule requires you

to be part of highly different occasions is the norm.

Even so,being fashionable is in no way to be sacrificed.

In every piece of design, we cleverly transform the shape

and look of the bags.  We only want to ensure that

the most suitable storage manner can serve you 

whenever and wherever needed.


No Additional Cuts

Being an architect, our brand creator holds PURITY

to be the fundamental core of aesthetics and

craftsmanship.We carefully understand how color

stripes are laid out and composed on each fabric.

Without any unnecessary cuts, we allow sewing lines

to give each pieces the most inherent 3-dimensional look.




• 2010美國商業促進協會頒發《50 Outstanding Asian Americans in Business》
• 2016年 創辦「日常經典」品牌
• 2017年入選高雄駁二文創人才駐市計畫
• 2019年 Give you a hand。給你一支手系列,W包款有3種模式——托特、斜背、後背,在「東京設計展」榮獲「東京設計獎優秀獎」。
• 2020年 舌尖滋味X包,以台灣的手搖飲品牌色彩為概念發想的三用包款,榮獲義大利A Design時尚設計類銀獎
• 2020年以REBIRTH 回收帆布再造計畫獲,Shopping Design Best 100,金點設計標章,燃點之心社會影響力獎,並入選2021年台北好社企。
• 2021 年亞洲藝術新聞網「年度最佳展場設計」

• 著有兩部書作《紐約人的城市翻轉力》談長居紐約十年,觀察舊街區,紀錄下的生活點滴 ; 《品牌 ‧ 城市 從風格生活再造城市DNA》探討世界各地十八個城市風格型塑過程。




With the architectural belief, every material contains a story, the origin and nature of them cannot be ignored or replaced.
Founder, Andrew Huang, AIA